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Girl to Girl book cover
  • Title: Girl to Girl
  • Authors: Allison Boyd, Heather Baker, Lyndsay Pierce, Heather Sparks, Laura Turner, Genevieve Ormon, Laura Elliott, Hannah Colley
  • ISBN: 0929540522
  • Our Price: $11.95
  • Description:
    Edited by Laura Elliott. Authors: Laura Elliott, Hannah Colley, Allison Boyd, Heather Baker, Lyndsay Pierce, Heather Sparks, Lora Turner, and Genevieve Ormon.

    A heart-to-heart Bible study by eight Christian girls. Choices-- entertainment, dress, speech, dating, purity, dancing, worship, evolution-- all about righteous living. Side notes promote class discussion and service activities. 13 chapters.

  • Reader Comments for Girl to Girl:

    I have reviewed this book and find the content excellent. The authors are to be commended for such a fine work which deals with today's influences.

    Audra Milhollin

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