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Publishing Designs is unwavering in its mission to produce first-class books from cover to cover. We work hard to earn the trust of our authors and readers. Sacrificing quality is never an option; our commitment is our slogan: Books with Class. Our dedication to excellence places us on the cutting edge of our market in design, content, and accuracy. We are appreciative of our opportunity of service through the printed page.

James Andrews, Owner and Manager

James is an evangelist from Huntsville, Alabama. His original purposes in founding Publishing Designs in 1989: to promote God's truth through the printed page and to fund mission work. James has worked in local and foreign pulpits including Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Ukraine, Germany, Italy, Jamaica, Barbados, St.Thomas, Cuba, and other areas of the Caribbean. James selects copy for publication, supervises proofreaders, typesets texts, oversees printing, and is the final editor on all manuscripts.

Peggy Coulter, Marketing Director and Assistant Manager

Peggy brought her sales ability to the company in 2000. Previously, she worked as a sales trainer in various industries. Peggy directs advertising, promotes sales events, supervises exterior and interior design, displays books at church functions, speaks to ladies' groups, and serves as general editor on special publications.

Susan Marshall, Administrative Assistant

Susan is the pleasant voice on the phone who fills customer orders and bookstore orders. In addition, she is in charge of supplies inventory and accounts payable/ receivable. She looks for ways to be of service, not only to the company, but to the community. Susan is committed to customer satisfaction, and her cheerful attitude is an asset at Publishing Designs.

What our writers say:

"I especially enjoy the personal touch . . .the comfort of always knowing that I can freely express whatever ideas or judgments I have and be taken seriously. Most of all, I'm proud to be published by a company that restricts its marketing of publications solely to biblically sound works." (Phil. 1:4.)
—Cindy Colley
Author of the Crown of Creation Series: Women of the Genesis, Women of Deliverance, and Women of Difficult Times
"Teresa and I appreciate the way you encourage your writers. Too, you do a very good job with publicity for them."
—Gary Hampton
Author of Unseen Hand and many others. Teresa is author of Leading Ladies and Come to the Garden.
"I am blessed indeed to work with a publisher whose staff cares more for souls than for bank accounts. Publishing Designs has given me an excellent working relationship. Most of all, I am thankful to be associated with people who honor God above business and truly put Him first in all things."
—Lynn McDaniel
Author of Yes I Can!