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  • Title: Nourish
  • Author: Kathy McWhorter Kendall
  • ISBN: 978945127250
  • Our Price: $9.95
  • Description:

    Have a look inside!

    Success cannot be defined by the word busy. But overwhelmed can. When the world crowds out our sense of peace and our handling of priorities, are we face to face with spiritual malnourishment? This book teaches us to say no. It guides us to nourish our thoughts, words, time, friendships, children, marriages, bodies, and souls. Do you long to ditch your feeling of drowning in urgent trivialities and to embrace a closer walk with God? Nourish will help you change your priorities and feed your soul. Thirteen chapters with questions.

  • Reader Comments for Nourish:

    Most of us at have stood at the crossroads of life, wearily asking, ''Where am I going?'' In her latest book, Nourish, Kathy Kendall explores the importance of finding the right diet for the journey. She frankly states, ''I purposefully sat back and slowly filled myself up with truths from God's Word.'' Join Kathy to discover the importance of focusing on Jesus and the crucial relationships of marriage and friendship. Above all, learn how to take care of yourself and be joyful. Wisely she affirms, ''I have no control over the number of years I'll live, but I do control the degree which I will live them.'' Nourish is a true blessing in answering our identical life's questions and for pointing us to the Father's answers.
    -Becky Blackmon

    Nourishing my heart, mind, soul, and strength is essential for any ministry to others. I hope my sisters will take the time to read this book and to internalize its assignments. The study will make us stronger, better, and more prepared for the opportunities that may be ours to ''feed'' each other through difficult times. Through nourishment comes comfort. Through our own comfort comes the ability to comfort others. And through that sharing comes glory for Him (2 Corinthians 1:4). That's the goal!
    -Cindy Colley

    Kathy's book drives home the most important aspect of living the Christian life in a busy world
    -that of continuously filling ourselves up with God's Word and nourishing our own souls. Women are caretakers and tend to neglect their own needs, but Kathy showed me that spiritual malnourishment is not pleasing to the Father. This book is a wonderful guide to get us back on track when we need it!
    -Jeanny Gilpin, PhD

    Kathy Kendall makes so much sense. Ancient truths alongside relatable illustrations, fascinating research, and homerun applications make this one of the best women's studies I have seen from a Christian author.
    -Celine Sparks

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