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The Girl for My Son book cover
  • Title: The Girl for My Son
  • Author: Cynthia Dianne Guy
  • ISBN: 978945127182
  • Our Price: $11.95
  • Description:

    Have a look inside!

    Single women often make a checklist of qualities they admire and desire in the man of their dreams. These are often physical qualities, and sometimes spill over into listing a guy's material possessions. Single girls won't find that kind of checklist in The Girl for My Son. What they will find is the spotlight shining on their own qualities, spiraling from a mother's viewpoint. Specifically, the mother of the dream guy in with the ''x'' on his forehead.

    That guy's mother has been praying, ''God bless the girl for my son.'' And she has a lot of wisdom to share. Cynthia Guy's mother-in-law prayed for her, and Cynthia prayed for each of the girls for her four sons. Most single women do not approach dating or marriage from the viewpoint that someday they too might have a son. The question resounds, ''Do I want my son to pick someone like me?''

    Join Cynthia in this 13 chapter handbook for practical steps toward being a spiritual swan and developing into the girl most suitable for a Christian mother's son. Questions and activities for application.

    Develop the confidence of living the best possible life and being a spiritual beauty. It will not be easy, since the focus of most girls is not on inner beauty. And most guys are not gawking at the girls who have heavenly attitudes, but the ones who are pretty by the world's standards.
    ~Cynthia Guy in The Girl for My Son

  • Reader Comments for The Girl for My Son:

    ''The Girl for My Son is everything a Christian girl should know about relationships, regardless of age! Cynthia Guy wisely offers needful advice on modesty, good manners, dating, marriage, and above all, being right with God. Her encouraging biblical instruction shows girls how to make choices of a lifetime.''
    ~ Becky Blackmon

    ''Pick up this book. Read it. Begin right now to let Cynthia Guy help you to put together a wonderful scrapbook of your life. Put her thoughts and ideas into practice. Choices you make as you grow into womanhood will determine your happiness and fulfillment in your earthly relationships and in the Lord, not just for now, but forever. I pray that for you!''
    ~ Sheila Butt

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