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Sisters at Sea book cover
  • Title: Sisters at Sea
  • Author: Jenny Harp
  • ISBN: 978929540948
  • Our Price: $9.95
  • Description:

    How many “ships” will you encounter on your sea of life? Sisters at Sea is a guide for a woman’s “ships” including Partnership, Stewardship, and Fellowship. Is your Swordsmanship rusty? Learn of salvation and Membership. Energize your Bible study with Sisters at Sea. Sinking is not an option. 13 chapters. Questions.

  • Reader Comments for Sisters at Sea:

    Becky Blackmon - A spiritual voyage where God is our trusted pilot.

    Wilburta Arrowood - Sisters at Sea charts safe courses through dangerous waters.

    Scott Harp - How to build your “ship” with blueprints from the Master Shipbuilder.

    Celine Sparks - Pick a book worth your time investment. This is it!

    Teresa Hampton - Refreshing, insightful, and instructional,.

    Laurel Sewell - Navigate many “ships” including Kinship, Hardship, and Fellowship. Challenging in its admonitions.

    Cindy Colley - Anchor closer to the shores of heaven. Perfect for women of all ages and vocations. Sail with the captain of your salvation (Hebrews 2:10)

    Kathy Pollard - Full of Scripture, warm humor. Topics: mar­riage, parenting, faith, fellowship, and even depression. "Membership" chapter is dedicated to God’s plan of salvation.

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