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  • Title: Secret Storms
  • Author: Jo Ann Mills
  • ISBN: 978929540856
  • Our Price: $11.95
  • Description: Do Christians suffer from shameful, not-to-be-discussed trials? Yes! Often, well-meaning friends only offer one solution: ''Get over it!'' Secret Storms is confidential aid to the wounded, along with workbook sections of spiritual EMS for storm victims. Mental illness, divorce, disease, perpetrators, money problems, and other storms are too big to sweep away with a whisk broom. Contentment wears the price tag of stormy seasons, but who wants to pay? Join Jo Ann Mills in this thought-provoking study.
  • Reader Comments for Secret Storms:

    Thanks for sending Secret Storms by Jo Ann Mills. I had just skimmed over it and was reading the foreword when a friend came in. She’s lived with criticism most of her life –divorced, in a 12 step program, and very lonely. We visited quite a while. I was holding the book and thinking, ''I can’t wait to dig in!'' However, Esther needed that book more than I did, so I loaned it to her for a few days. God let me plant some seeds in her heart, but this book will water those seeds and I’m praying God gives the increase. I have a hunch that book is going to touch many, many women. Great job!
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