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Songs in the Night book cover
  • Title: Songs in the Night
  • Author: Janie Craun
  • ISBN: 9781945127359
  • Our Price: $13.95
  • Description:

    Have a look inside!

    Grab a pencil, open your Bible, and get ready to walk with David and listen to his songs from the Psalms. Songs in the Night will challenge you and motivate you to face your own challenges and temptations. God's wisdom never grows old, and this man after His heart measures out healthy doses, often because he learned from his mistakes. History oozes from the pages, and you'll need the maps included for geographical grounding. Readers are drawn in by the probing questions and suggested research in each chapter, along with a guide for their own ''songs in the night.'' How can we ignore our own faults when we see David admit his so readily?

    Join Janie Craun, the former editor of Christian Woman magazine and author of Heirlooms: Bible Keepsakes New and Old, and God's Recipe for Peace, for thirteen memorable lessons in this intriguing workbook for women. Includes glossary and map pages and extra note pages. 13 chapters. Questions.

  • Reader Comments for Songs in the Night:

    If you want a study that plunges into the deep end, this is it. Ancient accounts of the shepherd-king, and all that unfolded in his life, are retold in detail that rings as relevant to our trials and missteps as if it had all happened on our calendar. We are reminded of the events that first breathed the psalms, and are guided to find our own solace in our personal songs in the night.
    - Celine Sparks, Huntsville, Alabama

    Read and study this book! In these thirteen chapters, I learned more of David's history, family and timeline than from anything else I've read about him outside of scripture. It is rich in Old Testament history and full of Israel's geography. In Songs in the Night, Janie Craun composed a concise, fascinating biography of the life of David, all the while demonstrating parallels between him and the reader.

    Admire the great leader and man of God, but also his humanity and frailty. It's impossible to ignore your own faults, as his are so readily admitted and exposed. Dig deep to find answers to research questions. I whole-heartedly recommend this book for personal study, for self-reflection, and for spiritual growth.
    - Carla Moore, Denver, Colorado

    I love how Janie unites history with poetry by walking through David's life to bring greater understanding of the psalms he wrote. Join this study to see what was really going on when the ''sweet psalmist of Israel'' praised, cried, or questioned with his inspired pen. Let Janie guide you in writing your own personal ''songs in the night.'' You'll never read these psalms the same again.
    - Kathy Pollard, Bowling Green, Kentucky

    Songs in the Night is like a warm, cozy blanket of the beautiful truths from the man after God's own heart. Janie's book is well-written, well-researched, and filled with practical applications. Wrap yourself in the comfort, encouragement, and inspiration that will become a song in your heart.
    - Debbie Dupuy, Florence, Alabama

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