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Private Matters book cover
  • Title: Private Matters
  • Author: Brenda Poarch
  • ISBN: 9781945127328
  • Our Price: $13.95
  • Description:

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    ''A Book about Sex for Christian Women''

    Do Christian women need clarification regarding virginity, marital sex, sexual abuse, divorce, homosexuality, and pornography? What are children learning from Christian parents about sex? Private Matters includes educational information; but more important it is a biblical book for personal or class study. What does God want Christians to know and teach on the subject? How is Satan teaching God's people regarding sexual matters? Brenda Poarch states, ''It's time for Christians to unlock the door labeled 'Sex' and take a good hard look at the topic.'' Questions and interactive discussion topics in each of the 12 lessons.

  • Reader Comments for Private Matters:

    Mallory Morris, Licensed Clinical Social Worker: What impactful and thoughtful insight on such a sensitive matter! Private Matters provides education and resources with a bold spirit, alongside peace and comfort to lead a charge to help those in need of healing.
    Celine Sparks, Author: Sexual intimacy is a great blessing. Sexual sin is a destroyer. Both are carefully examined in this desperately needed study. I applaud Brenda's bravery as she speaks from the heart to help women be whole, the way God intended.
    Becky Blackmon, Author: Finally, there is an honest, godly book about sex and the Christian! Brenda Poarch boldly and compassionately covers controversial sexual topics. But what I love most is how she shares her love for God and what He has to say about intimacy.
    Rudy Cain, World Video Bible School: One key to a happy and meaningful marriage is the key to the bedroom--to the private matters that belong there. Brenda Poarch holds up the Word as an ultimatum to obey God's commands rather than swallow the lures of the world.
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