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Precious Plans for Precious Women book cover
  • Title: Precious Plans for Precious Women
  • Authors: Lea Fowler, Becky Fowler Blackmon
  • ISBN: 9781945127236
  • Our Price: $12.95
  • Description:

    Have a look inside!

    Women's relationships are examined under God's microscope in view of His plans. Daughter Becky Blackmon and mother Lea Fowler share truths from Titus 2 regarding husbands, children, aging, obedience, purity, careers, respect, and mentoring, to name a few. Are God's plans relevant now? How can a woman be sure she is following His plans? How does Titus 2 affect our salvation? Eleven chapters with "insights" of real life between chapters. Study questions.

    To say that God is seriously descriptive about what He wants is an understatement. God knows how dysfunctional a family can be. He knows every husband, wife, parent, and child, and His instructions will never be outdated.
    -Becky Blackmon

    I've heard young Christian women say, ''I don't want the older women teaching me.'' And I have heard older women say, ''I don't want to teach the younger women. I've done my time.'' However, I haven't heard God say, ''How would you ladies like for it to be done?''
    -Lea Fowler

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