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The Shepherd
  • Title: The Shepherd's Daughter
  • Author: Debbie Dupuy
  • ISBN: 9781945127175
  • Our Price: $13.95
  • Description:

    Have a look inside!

    In this in-depth study of the Twenty-Third Psalm, Debbie Dupuy points out that the familiar words of the psalm are often quoted, but how many people really know the Shepherd? Be assured that The Shepherd's Daughter will help each reader realize the benefits of being His sheep by examining closely the key phrases in Psalm 23. For example, ''I shall not want'' means ''My needs are supplied,'' and the difference between need and want is scrutinized in the chapter entitled ''Content as His Sheep.''

    The Shepherd's Daughter has already been proven as a topic-in-demand in a university classroom and at various ladies events nationwide. Debbie began to study Psalm 23 during the final three and a half years of her father's life. Within these pages she shares the life-changing lessons she gained when she began digging deep into her Bible to shed light on the psalm. Do you want the strength, comfort, and love of the Shepherd? Your ladies' class might need to be challenged to jump into His arms and say with Debbie, ''Oh the benefits of being the Shepherd's daughter!'' (14 chapters with discussion questions and extra study motivation.)

  • Reader Comments for The Shepherd's Daughter:

    This beautiful study of the Shepherd and His flock moves me to tears with each reading. I can't wait to share this Bible study with others. I couldn't put it down!
    ~Martha Ryan, Bay Minette, Alabama

    The Shepherd's Daughter looks at Psalm 23 with twin fresh perspectives, from the points of view of both the Shepherd and the sheep. You will leave this book with a greater appreciation of our Shepherd and deeper understanding of the text. I find The Shepherd's Daughter amazing, insightful, and spiritually uplifting. Read it and you will be blessed.
    ~Jan Kirk Wright, CAP, Nashville, Tennessee

    I cannot remember a time when I could not quote Psalm 23. It was taught to me at a young age by wonderful Bible class teachers and my parents. Also I have taught many children's Bible classes on Psalm 23. But until I studied it with Debbie Dupuy in ''The Shepherd's Daughter'' class at Heritage Christian University, I did not thoroughly grasp its deep meaning. The class deepened my awe of God's love for each of us and the intense study proved to me once again, that no matter how long you study His Word, there is still so much more to be discovered.
    ~Marcia Posey, Double Springs, Alabama

    The Shepherd's Daughter will touch your soul. Debbie digs deeply into the Scripture to bring it to life and impart meaning to each phrase. No point is left uncovered. No story left unshared. Debbie is a lover of the Word and a lover of God. She is The Shepherd's Daughter and wants you to be too. You will never read Psalm 23 the same again!
    ~Pam Lenz, Sheffield, Alabama

    This line by line investigation of Psalm 23 is in-depth, informative, and personal. The book is perfect for Bible study groups, or for any individual desiring reassurance of God's love for them. The author has a talent for reminding us, His sheep, exactly how helpless we are without our good Shepherd. What a life changing course that offers a thorough method of learning every single detail about Psalm 23!
    ~Lawanda Wooldridge, Haleyville, Alabama

    The Shepherd's Daughter opens up a brand-new world to the Christian woman. It goes deep into Psalm 23 by breaking each verse down. Thus, we learn how we can get comfort from God in every situation. It's a great reference for comfort in life's difficulties, both big and small.
    ~Gisele Rudder, Henderson, Tennessee

    I was blessed to participate in Debbie Dupuy's course on the material in this book. I have a new appreciation for how much like sheep we are and how much we need the Shepherd, not a shepherd. Enjoy the study!
    ~Belinda Paulk, Florence, Alabama

    I love this book! It's well written and beautifully published. I am touched deeply by The Shepherd's Daughter. I believe this will be a book I return to repeatedly. Debbie's lessons convict, encourage, and comfort. As I read it, I wanted to be alone with the Twenty-third Psalm and with the thoughts and feelings it stimulated in me. Indeed, Debbie knows the Shepherd. And, now, I feel I know the Shepherd better, too.
    ~Doritta McDaniel Johnson, author, Bind Us Together
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