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Fill My Heart book cover
  • Title: Fill My Heart
  • Authors: Gary C. Hampton, Teresa Hampton
  • ISBN: 9781945127151
  • Our Price: $9.95
  • Description:

    Have a look inside!

    Not everyone is blessed to grow up in a Christian home or attend a Christian school. Many did not have Bible study in everyday life. It is easy to become overwhelmed with what we do not know:

    - What does confession truly mean?
    - How do I teach others the gospel?
    - How do I study God's Word?
    - Why should I believe the internal evidence of the Bible?
    - How was it possible for Isaiah, Daniel, and others to write of events that did not occur until hundreds of years after their deaths?
    - How do I know when I am pleasing to God?

    Fill My Heart will help any Christian in all these areas and more. Each of the 13 lessons ends with a section called ''Growing Heart Habits.'' Learn how to study the Bible by focusing on just one word or one book of the Bible or one chapter of a book. All that's needed is a spiral notebook and a pen.

  • Reader Comments for Fill My Heart:

    This is one of the most practical guides to spiritual growth that I have read. The language used is easy to understand, and the advice of the authors is simple to follow. They do not just tell you what your heart should be like as a Christian. They show you different ways to help yourself achieve such a heart with the help of God and grow closer to Him.

     ~Brittney Kennedy

    Gary and Teresa have skillfully woven a defense of God and His plan for man. Their work will fortify the faith of any sincere student.

     ~James Andrews

    After following the do-it-yourself plan for Bible study provided in this book, you can't help but progress from milk to meat as a child of God.

     ~Debra Wright

    Fill My Heart is homework that takes the guesswork out of spiritual growth. Becoming a Christian is life-changing. This book helps Christians to keep the change.

     ~Peggy Coulter
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