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Seek the Precious Moments book cover
  • Title: Seek the Precious Moments
  • Author: Becky Fowler Blackmon
  • ISBN: 9781945127144
  • Our Price: $12.95
  • Description:

    Have a look inside!

    As we stand before the microwave and shout, ''Hurry!'' do have any concept of what it means to be still? Do we seek moments for the blood-covered Savior who died for us on an old rugged cross? Becky Blackmon has answers for us in Seek the Precious Moments. The text is not parallel with most time-management books, but it conforms to the Good Book.

    Each of the 13 chapters is preceded by ''Time with Becky'' relating her experiences with hurrying, building her house for Jesus, and jumping into the deep end of commitment. One of her ''times'' describes her red-headed mom in trying moments, ''She's Come Undone.'' The humorous narrative drives home the pointlessness of hurrying and the lasting benefit of spiritual renewal. From the first chapter, ''I Am Woman, Hear Me Gasp!'' to the last ''Time for Jesus to Take the Wheel,'' readers are motivated to seek matters of the soul. Her tips on guiding parents to teach children to know the Lord are especially gripping in the chapter ''Time to Love That Family.'' Readers participate in short ''Pause and Ponder'' thoughts and ''Keep Seeking'' scripture challenges. These ''write-it-down'' inserts make a life-changing impact on the heart of each reader. The bottom line question of yesterday, today, and tomorrow is, ''Will you find the time for Jesus?'' Pause, think, peruse, and consider. And with your Bible by your side, Seek the Precious Moments.

  • Reader Comments for Seek the Precious Moments:

    This book will capture your attention, even after you lay it down. I would read a chapter in the morning, and then find myself revisiting the thoughts, lessons, and poignant stories throughout the day. In Seek the Precious Moments, Becky opens up her heart of wisdom, and invites us in to get a healthy share. Her writing is funny at times, convicting at others, but one thing it is not is ambiguous. Becky takes a firm and clear stand on the truth of God's Word. Oh how we need it!
    ~Celine Sparks, author of How to Train Your Dragon and others

    Becky contrasts, "running, running like a hamster on its crazy spinning wheel" with "be still and know that I am God." She encourages, ''Immerse yourself in pleasing Him. Let your world revolve around your Father.''
    ~Brenda Birckholtz, contributing author of Mentor Me

    A book full of practical pearls of truth that get down to where we live . . . a commentary on God's admonition to redeem the time. Pulsating with spiritual emotion . . . it promotes self-reflection. Select a quiet place and let this book help to draw you near to the heart of God.
    ~Frank Chesser, author of Portrait of God and others

    ''Time with Becky'' shares experiences that grab your attention and open your heart. Each chapter causes you to ponder and appreciate that precious moments in life are times with God.
    ~Cynthia Guy, author of Sweet Truths, Journey to a Better Place, and others

    Seek the Precious Moments is as real as it gets. You may laugh and cry as Becky describes life as we know it and shows us how to find peace and purpose in the midst of it all.
    ~Kathy Pollard, author of Return to Me

    Becky reminds us of the necessity of regularly examining our personal priorities alongside God's will. We will not accidentally stumble on these precious moments. We must actively seek them.
    ~Kathy McWhorter Kendall, author of A Chosen Few

    Becky Blackmon reaches into life's rapid pace and snatches us back into reality to remind us to stop and take time to enjoy the aroma of God's precious roses. Inspiring!
    ~Scott Harp, website editor, TheRestorationMovement.com

    Seek the Precious Moments will make you feel as though you are sitting at Becky's feet listening to her teach. Her "Pause and Ponder" and "Keep Seeking" questions encourage thoughtful application of God's will.
    ~Dwina W. Willis, associate professor, retired

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