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The Man of Chebar book cover
  • Title: The Man of Chebar
  • Author: Frank Chesser
  • ISBN: 9781945127119
  • Our Price: $12.95
  • Description:

    A study of Ezekiel, The Man of Chebar is Frank Chesser's sixth book, now to be placed alongside The Spirit of Liberalism, Portrait of God, Voyage of Faith, Thinking Right About God, and The Heart of Isaiah.

    Embark on a spiritual voyage with God and Ezekiel. You'll soon discover God's mighty wrath against horrendous evil contrasted with the portrayal of Israel's restoration. Chesser says, ''The book of Ezekiel is a divine narrative of the nature of God, sin, judgment, and redemption that will have a profound and immeasurable impact on the heart and mind, and mightily enrich the soul.''

  • Reader Comments for The Man of Chebar:

    When I read The Man of Chebar, it seemed as if Frank Chesser knew Ezekiel personally and was talking about his friend. A commentary on Ezekiel written by a member of the church is rare; one written by Frank Chesser is a treasure.
    ~Allen Webster

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