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  • Title: Side by Side
  • Author: Brenda Poarch
  • ISBN: 9781945127090
  • Our Price: $11.95
  • Description:

    Have a look inside!

    Ladies classes can examine and discuss tough issues in the church that are unnoticed, isolated, or ignored. Brenda's ''get real'' approach is frank and convicting. A ''storms'' survivor herself, she lets the Bible speak through her words of experience to help Christian women in personal trials and church problems, including serving those enduring long-term illnesses. We need the network of support that God gives us in the church. Let's open our hearts and set our feet to walk side-by-side with those in Christ ''through all kinds of weather!''

    ''When you have finished this course, you will be richer—not in dollars, but in friendships. Side by Side can then become your reference of survival. God's family is the best support system in the world; living His way sends blessings beyond your wildest dreams; and some of the best blessings are right beside you.''
    —Brenda Barnes Poarch

  • Reader Comments for Side by Side:

    Brenda Poarch's use of scripture, humor, and sound common sense makes her readers come away with practical every-day application of God's Word. Her insightful questions promote study, thought, and communication. Side by Side is for any woman of any age, race, educational or social status who seeks a better relationship with God and His people!
    ~Beverly McEldowney, Middleburg, Florida

    Brenda's teachings include easy to follow, down to earth, real life discussions about problems that Christian woman face every day. Brenda covers very difficult subjects that need to be discussed without stepping on toes.
    ~Adena Parker, Combine, Texas

    Brenda Poarch's classes are both motivating and inspirational. I felt secure in sharing private thoughts and feelings which allowed for a much greater degree of introspection. I thoroughly enjoyed the author's ability to speak to women's everyday issues in a practical way and relate modern matters to teachings of the Bible. It is refreshing to see that many Christian women face the same issues and have the same concerns I do.
    ~Diane Perdue, Myrtle Beach, North Carolina

    Brenda Poarch's writing is uplifting and encouraging. She helped us examine and evaluate our own lives. We were able to face personal discussions in a relaxed, and risk-free environment, sharing our own experiences with each other. We developed personal bonds. Most of the conversations were issues that women deal with in everyday life. We realized that the answer to our problems were right there in the Bible. She is right to the point.
    ~Nedre White, Phoenix, Arizona

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