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Heart and Soul book cover
  • Title: Heart and Soul
  • Author: Karen Thompson
  • ISBN: 9781945127076
  • Our Price: $11.95
  • Description:

    Hearts break and hearts mend. Karen Thompson is all about mending. She also helps prevent heartbreak as she coaches recovering heart-surgery patients about heart-healthy lifestyles and risk factor modification. In addition, she is a spiritual leader, a medical missionary, an active speaker, and an elder's wife. Karen speaks frankly about the eternal heart and its maladies and remedies. Get ready for her to step on your heart. Her intriguing recommendations should promote healthy discussions about discipline in ditching junk food and slothful lifestyles and choosing healthful food and life-sustaining exercise.

    With ''all your heart'' take Proverbs 3:5-8 seriously and pick up this book to examine more closely how to fear and trust the Lord and find ''health to your flesh and strength to your bones.'' As Karen aptly states, ''If we are more physically, mentally, and spiritually fit, we can lead a more energetic and productive life for our Lord.''

    Note: Karen Thompson holds the following titles: MHA, BSN, RN-CV

  • Reader Comments for Heart and Soul:

    If you are needing that just-right motivation to be healthy and whole, either physically or spiritually, this may be the nudge you need. Examine many interesting parallels between the feeding, exercise, and care of our bodies and that of our souls. Karen has thought a lot about these likenesses, and we can benefit from her background and expertise.
    Cindy Colley, author, Crown of Creation series, Homeschooling, Your Mama Don't Dance, You're Singing My Song, and others

    Heart and Soul fills a need for Christian women seeking both spiritual and physical health. You will enjoy this practical and inspirational study in which Karen shares her biblical and medical knowledge to benefit you now and in eternity.
    Cynthia Guy, author, What about the Women?; Struggle, Seek, Grow; Sweet Truths; and Journey to a Better Place

    Practical and quotable, this book is all about shaping up inside and out. From the convicting advice about stress and anger to the soul-stretches at the end of each chapter, Heart and Soul will refresh you physically and spiritually.
    Kathy Pollard, author, Return to Me

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