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  • Title: Bind Us Together
  • Author: Doritta McDaniel
  • ISBN: 9781945127007
  • Our Price: $11.95
  • Description: How can you show that everyone has value? How can you avoid feeling invisible? Why must you persevere and suffer to form lasting bonds? How do you share your true feelings? What risks will you take to have a close friend? Why must you learn how to express love? How can you encourage another person and forge meaningful connections? When is the right time to open your eyes and reach out to some soul? Are you serving or being served? Learn how to stretch out your hands and seek chords of love that cannot be broken. 13 chapters with questions and activities.
  • Reader Comments for Bind Us Together:

    Ever since we were little girls on the playground, we have felt the need to belong&8212;to matter to someone outside our family circle. As Christian women, we still long for acceptance and understanding through connection with others. Through her insightful suggestions in Bind Us Together, Doritta leads us to fulfill this need for ourselves and for our Christian sisters.
    ~Laurel Sewell, former first lady, Freed Hardeman University

    Bind Us Together taught me that connections cannot be coerced, only chosen. Students are instructed to research what the Bible says about the need for connection with God and fellow Christians. God gave of Himself; we must do the same. I especially identified with the summary chapter, ''Welcome Ties that Bind,'' which emphasized seeing all people as souls. God designed us for connection, which requires sacrifice of time and efforts in the best interest of others. The benefits of these sacrifices happen to be in our own best interest. God knows best!
    ~Stephanie Vick, proofreader, Greenville, South Carolina

    I studied these lessons with our ladies' class and wholeheartedly recommend each one to guide Christians in achieving better relationships. We learned to how to foster meaningful fellowship. The book is a how-to guide for anyone who has ever struggled to find a place in a group.
    ~Ann Dunnaway, chiropractor, Tuscumbia, Alabama

    In an age of social media, deep meaningful relationships are rare. Bind Us Together meets a great need and teaches us how to make those connections, first with God and then with others. I love the discussion questions and actual ways to get involved!
    ~Rosemary McKnight, retired teacher, Henderson, Tennessee

    As a ladies' Bible class teacher, I'm always searching for challenging material to promote growth. After reading Bind Us Together, I am eager to present these ideas of developing the awareness of others! Disconnection is a very real problem in many congregations. We often focus only on familiar, comfortable acquaintances. Shame on us! Not only does this book make us aware of this issue; it gives us very sound, definite steps leading toward unity. There is no such thing as an unneeded Christian. ''Bind us together with cords that cannot be broken,'' we often sing. What a powerful book, full of tools for strong ties of love!
    ~ Becky King, elder's wife and ladies' Bible Class teacher, Anderson, Indiana

    I really appreciate how Doritta uses Jesus as our example and compares our human connections with our connection to God. Bind Us Together shows how true connections enhance and benefit us, and others as well. Woven throughout are personal anecdotes and experiences, which let us know that she is real&8212;she shares her apprehensions along with her successes. The reader will identify with the dimensions of connections in a journey that is rewarding and soul stirring.
    ~Dr. Marie Johnson, retired education professor, Freed-Hardeman University

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