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  • Title: Mentor Me
  • Authors: Becky Fowler Blackmon, Betty Bender, Brenda Birckholtz, Judy Cofer, Martha Coletta
  • ISBN: 9780975596227
  • Our Price: $11.95
  • Description: Six long-distance friends took Titus 2 seriously. The women felt an obligation to mentor others as they had been mentored. The late Betty Bender of Columbia, Tennessee, provided the inspiration and the motivation for the women to form a “Love Circle” that came together each year for intense Bible study for a three-day period. Mentor Me grew out of this gathering. Each woman wrote two chapters to relate to a specific phases of a woman’s Christian journey. The great benefit for the reader is twofold: she is mentored and she learns to mentor others. The writers call this “passing the baton.” 13 chapters with questions.
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