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A Pearl Seeker book cover
  • Title: A Pearl Seeker
  • Author: Becky Fowler Blackmon
  • ISBN: 9780929540955
  • Our Price: $12.95
  • Description: Becky Blackmon introduces a new series for women, Lord Help Me. As the foundation book, she chose A Pearl Seeker, a fresh, candid look at how today's woman relates to the Scriptures. In the same intimate style of her bestseller The Begging Place, Becky lays out eleven vital goals for a woman of God to seek: spiritual mindset, second chances, and ''the good part,'' to name a few. This motivational book will gently admonish the lukewarm Christian, and fortify the staunchest follower of Christ. The Bible truly is the Pearl of great price. Learn to value this Pearl as your greatest treasure.

  • Reader Comments for A Pearl Seeker:

    A Pearl Seeker is probably the most encouraging book I have ever read. Its pages are filled with "meat" for the mature Christian, reminding us that we must keep learning and growing. Invest your best in Bible study, and you will find "pearls" you haven't seen before, revealing His promises to you and blessing you daily.
    -Janice Horne, Lebanon, Tennessee

    Becky Blackmon shares her heart and inspires women to dig deeper for the pearls of God's Word. A Pearl Seeker is chock-full of incentive for the search to be God's jewel.
    -Betty Bender, Columbia, Tennessee

    A fresh look at the Bible motivates women to seek to know not only who God is, but to truly know Him. A Pearl Seeker is full of hope and encouragement. It touched me and enriched my life.
    -Becky Bullough, Hanford, California

    A Pearl Seeker offers help for women who struggle with spiritual direction; it gives strength for life's challenges.
    -Brenda Birckholtz, Brandon, Florida

    Becky's excitement is catching, as she urgently leads Pearl Seekers in search of God's strength, ''the good part,'' and a spiritual mindset. A Pearl Seeker will enrich your heart and touch your soul.
    -Phyllis Green, Oakhurst, California

    A Pearl Seeker calls out to straying and negligent Christians, ''Change your spiritual life from drab and dull to delight and devotion.'' It inspires the reader to stretch for deeper understanding of the Bible.
    -Larry Acuff, Lithia Springs, Georgia

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