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She Hath Done What She Could book cover
  • Title: She Hath Done What She Could
  • Author: Jane McWhorter
  • ISBN: 9780929540917
  • Our Price: $12.95
  • Description: Following Now I Can Fly as the second book in the Silver Linings series Jane McWhorter teaches women how to put hands and feet on Christianity. Practical and inspiring! 13 chapters with questions and activities.
  • Reader Comments for She Hath Done What She Could:

    I AM SQUEALING! I just received my books! They look great! I love the cover! I can't believe that you used my recommendation in her book! WOW! I can hardly wait to start teaching SHE HATH DONE WHAT SHE COULD in my Ladies Class.

    This book raised me! I used it over and over until it was dog-eared. As a young Christian in the early seventies, I found myself a wife and a mother without skills to to do either very well. What did God expect of me in training my children? How could I teach them, since I was a new Christian myself? Where could I find instruction for a better marriage? How could I fit my already busy life into God’s service? Then I found Jane McWhorter’s book, She Hath Done What She Could. This book answered so many of my questions! Before she ever met me Jane was 'raising' this young wife and mother to do it God's way!
       - Teresa Glenn, Lynchburg

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