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Whatever Happened to Fried Chicken? book cover
  • Title: Whatever Happened to Fried Chicken?
  • Author: Celine Sparks
  • ISBN: 9780929540870
  • Our Price: $13.95
  • Description:

    How do you feel about old-time religion? Celine Sparks resurrects memorable traditions of the past and examines possible keepsakes by the light of truth. What do we want to bring back--the fried chicken, or the hospitality? Do we really want creek baptizing--or the urgency of baptism? Even family traditions do not escape query: whatever happened to being taken out for a whippin'?

    Celine observes, Whatever happened to fried chicken? I'm not sure, but the piece I miss most is the backbone. In some areas, we've compromised until all we have left is the wishbone. We wish somehow we could restore the fervor without repeating the failures.

    Why not ignite your ladies' class by dishing out discussion sure to drive diligent students straight to the Scriptures? Whatever happened to that?

  • Reader Comments for Whatever Happened to Fried Chicken?:

    - We have studied a lot of ladiesí books in class, and Because I Said So is definitely a favorite! Please let us know when Celine writes another book!

    - Wow, I kept reading into the wee hours! I canít wait to see the finished book, Whatever Happened to Fried Chicken? I learned so much from the ''Extra Helpings'' about specific ways to serve. I think you have another best seller.

    - Celine has done it again, hitting me right where I live. I definitely want to bring back the enthusiasm and simplicity outlined in this book.

    - A hoot and very practical
    Carla, Dripping Springs, TX

    - Inspiration in every chapter
    Heather, Cut Off, LA

    - My favorite humorist!
    Kathy, Denver, CO

    - I long to bring back the enthusiasm and simplicity she portrays
    Layna, Huntsville, AL

    - Rock solid Bible lessons got me back on track to being the wife, mother, and servant I should be
    Tracey, Mobile, AL

    ''There is no way I could be dissatisfied with this book. I laughed my head off!'' -Debbie in KY
    "I am out of WHATEVER HAPPENED TO FRIED CHICKEN!! That book is so good for so many things. I sell a lot for Bible classes but it is just a good book to give someone to read as it is so enjoyable." - Peggy Pharr, P&D Books
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