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Preachers Wake Up! book cover
  • Title: Preachers Wake Up!
  • Author: J. J. Turner
  • ISBN: 9780929540795
  • Our Price: $9.95
  • Description: Not just for preachers! Who endures more preaching than the person in the pew? Are churches settling for anyone who claims he can preach? Has the Bible become a book to launch from? Has the command ''preach the Word'' been exchanged to ''tickle the ears''? Dr. Turner quips: Elders, never hire an ice cube to set fire to the church. God is looking for dedication, not degrees; for obedience, not oratory greatness; for servants, not superstars. He needs men who will leave their fishing nets, tax tables, and medicine bags to follow Jesus. 14 chapters with questions.
  • Reader Comments for Preachers Wake Up!:

    Dale Andrews:
    This book forces us to self-confrontation: become a better preacher or find another calling. Brother Turner profoundly shows that there is no place for compromise or carelessness in preaching the gospel.

    Charles Hodge:
    Buy anything J. J. writes. This book is biblical and practical. It takes both. He is pointed, yet kind. Preaching has fallen on hard times. God still saves the world through preaching. This book authenticates the need, the power, and the glory of preaching. It revivified me.

    Dale Jenkins:
    This is the most passionate and convicting call to Biblical preaching I have ever read. It is drenched with scripture and full of fire. If you are just getting started, read this book to set your compass. If you are a veteran preacher, this book will rekindle your fire. If your fire still burns brightly your flames will soar higher!

    Cecil May, Jr.
    Read and heed this clarion call! To avoid a rut, some are denigrating preaching in favor of drama and film clips. Many forget that dynamic preaching is faithfully proclaiming God's message from Scripture. Christians sleep in the pews for a variety of reasons, but sometimes it is because the preacher needs to wake up!

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