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  • Title: Voyage of Faith
  • Author: Frank Chesser
  • ISBN: 9780929540788
  • Our Price: $10.95
  • Description: How do the traits of God's nature and the principles of redemption relate to every aspect of life—personal, family, worship, business, and recreational?

    Frank Chesser defines sin: "Sin is the purity of heart lying in a cluttered heap at the vile feet of pornography. Sin is the stench of sexual perversion rising from the graveyard of Sodom and Gomorrah. Sin is the silent, haunting scream of an innocent baby being butchered in the womb of its mother."

    Voyage of Faith is based on "God said" and filled with faith in action: trembling, spurning, proving, honoring, pleading, reaching, moving, and obeying.

  • Reader Comments for Voyage of Faith:

    William Woodson
    Chesser answers the question: "Now that I have been baptized for the remission of sins, what does this mean for me in my life with Christ?" Well written chapters with ample biblical exposition and exhortation. Good writer, good book, good insights, good to the last drop!

    Wayne Jackson
    Frank Chesser has exposed the terror of error, the perverted notion that baptism is a "work of merit," to be excluded from God's offer of "grace." Voyage of Faith is a fantastic tapestry of general Bible truth.

    Dr. Tom Holland
    What an admirable work! Connecting baptism with God's sovereignty, His grace, His mercy, the cross of Christ, and the nature of true, biblical, saving faith.

    Allen Webster
    If we can get Voyage of Faith in the hands of this generation's seekers, lines will form at our church building doors to submit to God and follow His Way.

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