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Yes, I Can Too! book cover
  • Title: Yes, I Can Too!
  • Author: Lynn McDaniel
  • ISBN: 9780929540764
  • Our Price: $14.95
  • Description: Lynn McDaniel's previous book Yes, I Can! covered the first eight years of her life, when tiring physical therapy sessions and endless doctors' evaluations filled her days. She endeared herself to count­less readers, some of whom never knew what a handicapped person can achieve. Not having time in her daily schedule for pity parties, Lynn has responded to her readers with Yes, I Can Too!--glimpses into everyday experiences of a teen who happens to be a victim of cerebral palsy.
  • Reader Comments for Yes, I Can Too!:

    Lynn McDaniel has graced us with a sequel to Yes, I Can, the autobiographical account of her childhood, distinguished by the manifestations of cerebral palsy. In Yes, I Can Too, Ms. McDaniel relates in a uniquely tender prose the educational and medical challenges she faced and overcame in her later childhood and adolescent years. At a time when physical limitations were assumed to reflect intellectual deficits, Ms. McDaniel, supported by her determined mother, who refused to take "No, she can't" for a answer, enlightened teachers and peers alike. The author's account of her spiritual coming of age can be a source of pride to all who take comfort in the thought that we have all been fashioned in the image of the Divine.
      -Marc Flitter, MD, Author of Judith’s Pavilion, The Haunting Memories of a Neurosurgeon

    This young, handicapped girl was able to do amazing things—things no one ever dreamed she would accomplish. If you enjoyed reading the first book, get ready for another treat. However, Yes, I Can Too stands alone as an inspiring, uplifting read!
      -Margie Austin, Faulkner University Department of Military Education

    Lynn McDaniel once again opens the door to her heart as she invites the reader to a more extended view of her formative years. She will hold you as a captive reader as she shares the struggles and the triumphs of her teenage years.
      -Jane McWhorter, Author of Let this Cup Pass, Special Delivery, Roses in December, and other books.

    Hi Lynn, I received your book yesterday and read last night till about 3 A.M. It's a great book and YOU are a great inspiration.
    --A Facebook Friend

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