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Because I Said So book cover
  • Title: Because I Said So
  • Author: Celine Sparks
  • ISBN: 9780929540757
  • Our Price: $11.95
  • Description: God expects us to be His in every situation. Celine Sparks, humorist for Christian Woman magazine, hits us where we live with warnings and exhortations based on her own mother's pithy sayings. Sample chapters: "More Money than Sense" (Materialism), "Don't Go Hunting without Your Gun" (Consistent Bible Study), and "Pray for Gettin' Somewhere and Sittin' Down" (Peace amid Chaos).
  • Reader Comments for Because I Said So:

    A writer with a unique talent for using humor to teach. ~ Janie Craun

    Without reservation, I recommend it for ladies’ classes and personal study. ~ Jane McWhorter

    Be prepared; you won’t be able to lay it down. ~ Mack Lyon

    Down-home humor with marvelous spiritual applications. ~ Becky Blackmon

    You’ll laugh out loud! ~ Dale Jenkins

    A tribute to wise mamas everywhere . . . an expose of real wisdom from the Good Book! ~ Cindy Colley

    An encouraging study, humorous and straight-forward. ~ Lois Duncan Lyon

    Celine dissected my funny bone! Never in any study of anatomy did I laugh so hard! ~ Brad Harrub, PhD

    For women of all ages . . . reminds us of priorities. ~ Rosemary McKnight

    It is so easy to read, not in your face but really meaningful and of course FUNNY! I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!! I just finished chapter 3. I want to give it to my family and a host of others-- just have to read the ''Spark Plugs''. Where has this woman been all of our lives? This book is not just a ladies book, everyone will benefit from it. ~Sue Weldon, Huntsville, Alabama

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