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  • Title: Shadowland
  • Author: Burt Jones
  • ISBN: 9780929540726
  • Our Price: $11.95
  • Description: Shadowland is an easy-to-understand overview of Islam. But it is more. It is an opportunity for reckoning. Examine a "simple" religion full of complexities that shock and motivate the reader to appreciate Truth. Sample facts:

  • * Foreign religions do not receive freedoms in Muslim countries.
  • * Most Muslim countries do not receive international newscasts.
  • * Americans may not believe that war has religious significance, but her enemies do!
  • * Devout Muslims and devout Christians cannot possibly agree.

    This book is excellent for church libraries, resource material, individual study, and classroom study. Nine chapters.

  • Reader Comments for Shadowland:

    An important book at a crucial point in our nation's history.
    -Paul Brown, University of Texas

    Burt Jones can strip the hide from those who need it. I predict that Shadowland will be a standard for all those wishing to understand Islam from its questionable beginnings to the flawed and fragmented religion we see today. Well done!
    -Dr. Wayne Biggs, Elder, Downtown Church of Christ, Morrilton, Arkansas

    With his knowledge of Middle Eastern history and his respect of God's Word, Burt Jones provides us with insight to define, understand, and resolve the barriers of our Islamic alienation through the teachings of Christ.
    -Johnny Laman, Elder, Fleetwood Church of Christ, Houston, Texas

    Shadowland examines a religion of which we thought we knew something. It is written with a boldness which compels further study and yet with a deep love for those cast as the central characters. Once you begin this literary exploration it is difficult to interrupt it.
    -Sam Bartrug, Preacher and Elder, McConnelsville, Ohio

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