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Prescriptions for a Woman
  • Title: Prescriptions for a Woman's Soul
  • Author: Brenda Rollins EdD
  • ISBN: 9780929540719
  • Our Price: $9.95
  • Description:
    1. How diligently do you follow prescription instructions?
    2. How do you define your prescription ingredient?
    3. How much do you trust your physician?
    4. What are the prescription side effects?

    Prescriptions for a Woman's Soul guides women straight to the Bible for no-fail advice to cure spiritual weakness. What is the secret? Take the fruit of the Spirit as strictly as you take pills for physical maladies. Brenda's exhaustive research and sharing of Scripture helps you find definitions, instructions, and Bible examples of the Christian graces, so that "if you do these things, you will never fall." She calls the book "a road map to Christian maturity." Chapter questions.

  • Reader Comments for Prescriptions for a Woman's Soul:

    Today's popular health practice of pill-popping is upstaged by the guaranteed prescriptions plainly revealed in this book. Every woman who opens her heart to this study steps into God's Word for abundant blessings.
    -Janie Craun, Editor, Christian Woman
    Author, Heirlooms: Bible Keepsakes New and Old

    Brenda Rollins challenges us to grow in Christ-like qualities contrary to the norms of society, which requires diligent seeking of God's word. Brenda provides the perfect format to study, understand, and apply these godly principles, as instructed by our Great Physician.
    =Teresa Hampton, Author, Leading Ladies,
    Come to the Garden, Illuminating Shadows

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