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The Tabernacle Sermons Today book cover
  • Title: The Tabernacle Sermons Today
  • Authors: Winford Claiborne, B. J. Clarke, Jim Dearman, Garland Elkins, Tom Holland, James Watkins
  • ISBN: 9780929540665
  • Our Price: $16.95
  • Description:

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    Eleven sermons delivered by six preachers in honor of N. B. Hardeman's 1922 delivery of the original Tabernacle Sermons. The same truths were presented in the same platform as in the previous century. Topics of Repentance, Apostasy, and the Great Commission. Also sermons entitled Reconciliation, God's Foolishness vs. Man's Wisdom, What Must I Do to Be Saved, What Church to Join, and The Power of God's Word. Beautifully designed, the hardback book is a wonderful word-for-word keepsake from six great preachers. 11 chapters. Photos.

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