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Rise Up and Build book cover
  • Title: Rise Up and Build
  • Author: Neal Pollard
  • ISBN: 9780929540627
  • Our Price: $9.95
  • Description:

    Neal Pollard says, "Church growth is not 'one size fits all.' But biblical principles will build any congregation." He presents tools for church growth-- simply in twelve chapters-- suitable for individual study or for the classroom.

    • * Precise "how to" for time and talent.
    • * Specific tools for building up the kingdom.
    • * Easy-to-read style, yet detailed enough to be a reference book.
    • * Forthright challenges for unhealthy, unbiblical attitudes.
    • * Tangible, concrete, experience-based, biblical suggestions.

  • Reader Comments for Rise Up and Build:

    Wendell Winkler:
    Practical and needed . . . I'm so proud of you, Neal. God is using you mightily.
    Roy Lanier:
    A solid, Scripture-based study . . . bright, fresh, and vibrant.
    William Woodson:
    Good work . . . should be very helpful!
    David Sain:
    A helpful resource for individuals and church leaders.
    Barry Grider:
    A breath of fresh air.
    Eddie Parrish:
    Realistic solutions for shrinking congregations.
    Allen Webster
    Engrossing-- you can't read just one chapter!
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