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New Testament Workbook book cover
  • Title: New Testament Workbook
  • Author: Ken Butterworth
  • ISBN: 0929540603
  • Our Price: $11.95
  • Description:

    Ken Butterworth's God Hath Spoken series is now complete, including Old Testament Workbook, New Testament Workbook, and Revelation Workbook. Since Bible students remember twenty percent of what they hear, fifty percent of what they see and hear, and ninety percent of what they do, this series is successful because students are involved in searching for answers.

    • - A basic workbook for studying the New Testament by a proven method.
    • - A practical guide for group study or individual study.
    • - A brief overview of every book in the New Testament.
    • - A fill-in-the-blank format with outlines, great lessons, challenging themes and side-comments.

  • Reader Comments for New Testament Workbook:

    I used the Old Testament Workbook as my daily Bible study for several months-- how enlightening! I plan to do the same with the New Testament Workbook.
    The simplicity of fill-in-the-blank questions motivated me to study and strengthened my Bible knowledge.
    The "Challenging Themes" in each chapter got my attention! These points packed the punch needed for modern applications.
    I like the reinforcement learning through questions-- and there is room to write my answers!
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