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Common Sense Religion book cover
  • Title: Common Sense Religion
  • Author: Brandon Renfroe
  • ISBN: 0929540565
  • Our Price: $4.95
  • Description:

    • * Can truth be found in the maze of modern religious confusion?
    • * Does God expect man to put his rational mind to good use?
    • * Is the Bible the inerrant standard for truth seekers?

    Truth is objective. Common Sense Religion demonstrates practical application of God-given reasoning skills. It provides a framework from which to draw reasonable conclusions. Common Sense Religion puts divine truths about salvation and worship within your grasp. Brandon Renfroe says, "The Bible was written to be understood by schoolboy and scholar alike and can be understood, if we will put forth the necessary effort."

    Questions for the Author? Please email him at renfroeb@alltel.net.

  • Reader Comments for Common Sense Religion:

    How can millions professing an identity with the Christian religion be so hopelessly divided? They wear different titles, profess different doctrines, and practice varying rituals. Common Sense Religion forcefully argues that they all cannot be right. This book is not a collection of personal experiences, religious speculation, and heart-felt hunches. Rather, Brandon Renfroe has carefully charted a course of biblical instruction, combined with careful reasoning. I am happy to recommend Common Sense Religion to all people who love the Lord and His holy word.

    - Wayne Jackson

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