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The Bible and Social Drinking book cover
  • Title: The Bible and Social Drinking
  • Author: W. D. Jeffcoat
  • ISBN: 0929540549
  • Our Price: $14.95
  • Description:
    • Defines all forms of beverage alcohol
    • Reveals effects of drug alcohol
    • Delves into both Old and New Testaments
    • Exposes word-meanings in Hebrew and Greek
    Does the Bible sanction moderate alcohol consumption? Was the wine in biblical times fermented? Did Jesus make intoxicating wine? Must all forbidden acts be specifically enjoined by a scriptural injunction? Does "excess" have reference to results or quantity? When does intoxication begin? W. D. Jeffcoat's thorough research is profitable for any serious Bible student. 254 pages, softcover.
  • Reader Comments for The Bible and Social Drinking:

    Curtis A. Cates:

    A signal treatise . . .a scholarly work . . . a thorough, devastating analysis of the arguments in defense of drinking.

    Adron Doran:

    An excellent treatment of a very timely subject . . . extensive-- a study in depth and breadth . . . well organized . . . the content is fascinating.

    J. A. McNutt:

    The most complete and extensive work that I have seen on this subject . . . well documented both from a medical and biblical viewpoint . . . should be used by all who are seriously inclined to study these problem areas.

    Robert R. Taylor, Jr.:

    The most thorough study on drinking I have every seen. Well done.

    Guy N. Woods:

    The finest discussion of the subject known to me . . . the final word for those interested in the in-depth study of the teaching of the scriptures relative to this widespread evil.

    G. K. Wallace:

    Every preacher, elder, and deacon should read it . . . a scholarly, dignified, comprehensive discussion. Every youth leader should lead teenagers in a study of this work.

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