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Portrait of God (Softcover) book cover
  • Title: Portrait of God (Softcover)
  • Author: Frank Chesser
  • ISBN: 0929540417
  • Our Price: $12.95
  • Description: Softcover version. Let's face reality. We need our Maker. In spite of our impressive accomplishments, we still do not hold the power to create life. We hold no power over death. And outside the scope of faith, we hold no hope beyond the grave. A godless philosophy relegates after-life to a myth. But Portrait of God stands the reader face-to-face with God by reviewing the scope of the Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation. It reveals man's reflection of his Creator and explains how He redeems us. Portrait of God opens a window for the breeze of understanding to flow over the soul who seeks to embrace it.
  • Reader Comments for Portrait of God (Softcover):

    Frank Chesser does an amazing job in this must read book! Every Christianshould read it and then read it again!

    Trae Durden

    Thank you for your part in such a fine book. Portrait of God is proving to be an excellent bible study for our congregation! We purchased about 40 copies of the book.

    Again, thank you for all you are doing for the Kingdom! May God continue to bless your work!

    Trae Durden
    Fayetteville, Georgia
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