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My Brother, My Lord book cover
  • Title: My Brother, My Lord
  • Author: Michael Tackett
  • ISBN: 0929540379
  • Our Price: $7.95
  • Description: Popular television host of The Key to the Kingdom reveals a fresh look at New Testament times in this close up view of James, the brother of Jesus. Before the bright lights of Jewish leadership shined upon Jesus, James knew Him as the common man from Galilee, "the carpenter's son." Immerse yourself in this intriguing study about James and the inheritance he left us through his writings. Thirteen chapters with questions.
  • Reader Comments for My Brother, My Lord:

    Michael Tackett relays to us the Word like no other. The spirit of Christ flows from his lips and heart, and in this book about the book of James, Michael Tackett captures and shares with us as he has been truly blessed to do. Buy this book and be enriched 100 fold over the purchase price.

    - George Allan Bloom

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